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Friday, 17 November 2006

SEO Blog and website optimization

However, what is SEOsearch Engine Optimization”? It is the art of dating the search engine and doing just the right things just same as in the real dating world. SEO in web jargon means the ability to help your website in search engine promotion, search engine marketing, website maintenances and analysis. To arrive at a better search engine indexing or placement, it is suggested that you carry out sufficient research on what your rivals or competitors are doing that has placed them within the first 20 websites for specific and relevant key words. 

As being said, key words could have something significant in the process search engine optimization but is the least as far as google is concern. Google will take into accounts many factors to determine the relevance of your site to what people are looking for before being able to bring up “your page or pages”. 

Search engine optimization and web site optimization are all geared at achieving a good customer base, based on delivering what the customers want and as well as what the search engines is looking for. In plain language, Mr. search engine is king of the jungle with laws and rules governing his government. The game is very straightforward. 

If you disobey him, he knocks you out of the game as soon as he notices any fowl play. If you are interested in having a share of the Internet’s search engine jigsaw; then you must follow the rules of the game. Watch out for a red card from the referees pal?

Good, lets come down to the real business folks. But what do you have to do to achieve high results is the question I am quite aware you would ask me if we meet in person. But we cannot just jump into that if we have not looked at what is happening in the field of play. 

You have guys like Thierry Henry who we adored yesterday saying that, I am the best and Zinadin Zidan saying to him; Shut-up, “I am the King of the game” but still everyone truly has something to offer. 

That is it being said. Do you think Wayne Rooney is being quiet; the guy is saying your days are on the count even though you thought me to become a professional like you. 

I am still very young in the business and competing with you, right! So everyone is giving collectively and individually giving out something. This is happening outside of the field yet as the guys are still in the dressing room and making sure they are fit and ready to get into this forceful clash of the morons and as well as the titans.SEO tutorials Will come up from here tomorrow

Thursday, 16 November 2006


Everyone is now talking about SEO and digital marketing consultants but hiring someone genuine and qualified to do search engine optimization, search engine ranking, search engine placements, search engine marketing has become very tricky with cons speaking the professional language of SEOs.

Choosing the right person or firm has become very difficult since there are no industry regulations and or standards at the moment to describe or give an accurate criterion to use and determine those SEOs at the top or the real qualified specialists.

It has likely become real that any person into online business who does not qualify as an SEO specialist definitely needs the services of SEO CONSULTANTS like us in every case to take them exactly where they wanna be.

However, if you're looking to start doing everything by yourself, then is all you need to drive millions of traffic to your website. They give you all that you need to convert your traffic into sales. They offer cheap SEO packages suitable for all types of businesses and budgets.

They also offer affordable website design packages. From experience, they website design packages are all responsive and meet Google's recommended design standards.

They are some of the best SEO experts I have seen in recent times. I am writing this post as a thank you to the SEO Elites for the job they have done on my website. I could never have been so thankful.

Monday, 13 November 2006

Evidence of SEO for all of you guys

I will be optimizing this blog soon and i want any perspective customer to-be, to go to google and type in the full URL of the site before i start doing any seo work there.The blog is not found in google nor do search engines crawl it. I want to give all my confidence to you all out there.This blog i am going to be working on soon is just the same like many of yours.Take advantage of this professional service if want your site in search engines.(type in google and i will you that,you will not find it anywhere in the search engines but in two days,I will be using my expertise to make it search engine friendly.Watchout soon .

Get your blog seen in google

Folks,the word search engine optimization sounds like a chinese puzzle to many of us.Yes,that is true,SEO is all every web page or pages need in other to achieve better results for the site.Key words has a very important part to play in the ranking of your site or blog and as such,i am suggesting a keyword tool that will help you find the best of it.Have you heard of firefox and putting it into effective use?.What about making use of google's free site map tools in collaboration with google.Today is the 11th day since i began researching blogs created within blogger and the rest of the blogs around the world.Out of the blogs i found,only 2 in every 300blogs is being crawled by search engine crawlers. Some are being penalized for not respecting the government of search engines while some for having not given to search engines what they require to get the blog listed.But these are just some minor things that can be corrected and results achieved within two working days.However,i recommend that you purchase SEOBOOK and make the most out of it.
I have now decided to help any interested parties whose blogs are not being crawled or seen by search engines with the necessary surgery to correct those errors for an amount none of my colleagues will go for.I am not a selfish person neither am i expensive to work with.If you have a blog,why not let us know your blog and apply some miracles to it.

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