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Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Unit Structures: On Class and Social Network Transitions

Unit Structures: On Class and Social Network Transitions
I believe if you read this process and implement the results into your website there will be no qualms of more success.You will see where the difference comes in between my space and face book.The reason why face book is growing and the reason why my space is growing.The marketing strategy used by face book that seem to have triggered her success.These are great analyzes necessary for website and search engine optimization both online and off line.I suggest you read this post and know better how to handle and manage and as well as increase the membership of your site or online community

Monday, 25 June 2007

Hardwork shows! Official Google CPG Blog: What's all the noise about....Google Audio Ads?

Google's radio ads
Official Google CPG Blog: What's all the noise about....Google Audio Ads?
I think google has got a hammer and a 7inch nail.This is amazing and my three thumbs up to the google guys.The launch of googles radio ads sounds like the last supper Jesus had with his followers.I bet you guys can tell from history why Jesus had to die same as I do.He died for good works and dominance.Yahoo and msn must be gutted with these developments in one way or the other.However the writing is clear on the walls in bull and with a 7inch nail,a hammer weighing 75kg that is being used to "bang-throttle" the nail into yahoo and msn.I am loving this fight of intelligence,research and unstoppable progress by the "titans".
If we were meant to be honest as when we are born without sin,I will ask everyone to never under-estimate google in any project their happen to embark upon.Get-up your sales through adwords and radio ads now.This is just the right to act.

Is your Bank account been emptied? Right,Inside AdSense: Speedy optimizing - a quick fix

Let us look at how easy it is to make some spare time income or revenue. Google has made it very clear they are willing to work with anyone that can read and write in any language. However, you will need basic and local SEO to drive in good organic traffic

Google has given to us all that we need to earn from their AdSense and everything is free
Everything being free, we still need to know how to maximize our chances and opportunities.But yet google does not just end there.Now is the time to benefit from these tutorials where you have the chance to watch screenshots, samples of what is being done and or needs to be done.Get your Adsense optimized and earn some dough through the mercy of Mr. googler
.Inside AdSense: Speedy optimizing - a quick fix

There is a newcomer in the industry, offering some of the cheapest SEO services in the UK called SEO Elites. Many businesses are going bunkers are these guys are helping every joe and tom to start into AdSense and optimizing their websites for close to nothing. You can see their SEO packages and website designer packages and compare with any other service provider that you know.

SEO Elites is the cheapest SEO Company I have seen over the years that does not compromise it services because the prices are rock bottom cheap.

Friday, 22 June 2007

Blogger Buzz: Introducing Blogger... in draft

Sharing google technology is worth attempting.See what google has to offer that is relevant to SEO updates for business and personal use.
Blogger Buzz: Introducing Blogger... in draft

The Assimilated Negro: The 50 Cent Vitamin Water Commercial

This is the man.From his body language we all can see the writing is clear on the wall."A big time negro born on stones and lives on rocks"
This is really amazing when 5ocents is a conductor in this marketing.Listen to the sound beats and look at 50."Oh yeah I am a brand name and i am enjoying it." Making good use of his space and staying away from trouble I will believe.
This is how you've got to take your website into the world of profits simply by looking for niche markets and to get them developed.Good enough google and youtube are here to help.
You all can do it and i am doing it right now.Get into the game
The Assimilated Negro: The 50 Cent Vitamin Water Commercial

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